Communicator 5 - Setting up, Customizing, and Communicating! - Part 1

Eye Gaze

Rett University


In this course, participants will learn,
- Essential information about how to support communication while taking into account the challenges of apraxia and sensory regulation
- What to set up on a Tobii eye gaze system (i.e., Tobii PCEye Go, Tobii I-Series or I-Series+ devices) with Tobii Communicator 5 software
- Frequently asked question about using core phrases vs. core words
- Step-by-step instruction through video demonstration of the process of setting up a user, configuring settings and customizing page sets in Communicator 5 which integrates a Home page set in Judy's Copyrighted eye gaze layout and is provided as a download for this course
- Detailed process involved in transferring files from Tobii Communicator 4 to Communicator 5
- How to configure Tobii Gaze interaction settings that support ease of access
- Step-by-step demonstrations of how to add or change content in existing buttons and pages/page sets along with the steps for programming links to existing pages/page sets
- Proven strategies which support an individual with Rett Syndrome using a Tobii eye gaze system in conjunction with their natural gestures or modes of communication while engaging in conversations with knowledgeable communication partners
- How to export a user with the new settings and configurations so that all of their hard work in programming will be backed up and safe
Included in this course:
- Downloadable Home Page set in Judy's Copyrighted eye gaze layout for Communicator 5, along with "I need something" page sets - one for girls and the other for teens/adults with Creative Communicating images (developed by Pati King-DeBaun).



Length- 6 Hours