Experiencing Success with Initial Eye Gaze Trials- Recorded Webinar

Eye Gaze / Communication

Rett University


Eye gaze technology represents a “door” to opening the world of independent communication for individuals with Rett. Eye gaze tracking and pointing systems capitalize on their natural ability to use their eyes and give them an easy way to use their own “voice” through an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device, also known as a Speech Generating Device (SGD), to express what they are feeling, thinking, and knowing. Ultimately, it provides another way for individuals with RTT to engage in conversations while strengthening connections with family, friends, educators, therapists, peers, and other people in their life.

Traditional setups and strategies used in trialing eye gaze technology often yield less than successful outcomes with individuals with RTT for a number of reasons.  In this recorded webinar, “tried and true” eye gaze layouts, eye gaze settings, including calibration methods, will be shared across different eye gaze devices. Videos of eye gaze trials with children, teens, and adults with RTT will be shown throughout that demonstrate strategies which support successful calibration, positioning, and communication within 15 to 20 minutes of initial use of an eye gaze system. Next steps in the eye gaze trial process will also outlined. Participants will walk away with the knowledge about how to replicate these same results with their children and students with Rett.

Handouts will be included.



Length- 1 Hour

Judy Lariviere