Modeling Part 3- Moving into Vocab to Describe and Direct- Recorded Webinar


Rett University


This recorded webinar will build upon the Modeling Part 2 webinar to extend communication and modeling with a focus on increasing the ability to direct others, describe actions of others “live” and in books, and be more specific in describing. These details in vocabulary help the communicator be more understood without the listener playing 20 questions. Topic maintenance will be modeled and as well as discussion of past events with the use of good verb conjugation. High-tech options will be modeled for the slightly more advanced communicator.   

Participants will view videos that demonstrate how to model on an eye-gaze device utilizing Susan's adapted SonoFlex pages and Snap + Core First. All modeling will be embedded into the three avenues for language development.

  • Everyday Activities
  • Play and Interaction
  • Book Reading

Resources will include research articles on the importance of modeling to share with your child's school and private teams and Susan's adapted Communicator 5 Sono Flex pageset.



Length- 1.5 Hours