Supporting Students with Complex Needs Connecting with Peers- Recorded Webinar

Eye Gaze / Communication

Rett University


Often the majority of communication partners with whom complex students interact throughout their day are adults; time spent truly communicating with peers is very limited or difficult to coordinate given the multiple demands on all students’ time. This recorded webinar will address the importance of students with complex communication needs having consistent opportunities to interact with and naturally form connections with their peers. Having peers with whom students truly connect is essential to a positive and enriched school experience that naturally supports communication and learning, and above all, happiness.

This recorded webinar represents a starting point for building connections for students with complex needs at school. Participants will learn strategies for capitalizing on mainstream opportunities to support connections with peers through communication and participation. The following topics will be addressed:

  • A model for identifying a student’s current communication partners at school
  • Essential components to include in training for student’s school team members to “jumpstart” the process – student needs to be connected with adults at school.
  • Strategies for supporting the student as a true member of the regular education class for mainstreaming or full inclusion
  • Providing opportunities for connections to form naturally through the use of technology for quick and easy set-up.

Examples will be shared about how students with complex communication needs are naturally connecting with peers throughout their day and the tools and strategies that have  used to support them. A resource list with references and links to tools will be included in the course.



Length- 1 Hour

Judy Lariviere